Heiress de Bourgogne Sour Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • Heiress de Bourgogne Sour Ale in a goblet
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Heiress de Bourgogne Sour Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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Influenced by traditionally soured ales, Heiress de Bourgogne takes advantage of a fast-acting lactobacillus blend to sour the wort in a few days, right in your brew kettle. This rapid souring has many benefits - first, a quick souring time, and since this technique is utilized before the main wort boil, no bacteria remain in your finished beer to possibly infect other batches.

The result? A complexly sour red ale with flavors of dark fruit, figs, and an underlying deliciously tart note. Because Heiress de Bourgogne is soured in the kettle, it will mature very quickly into an extravagantly tasty, deep ruby-colored masterpiece.

Read more about the Kettle Souring process.


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Beer Color Dark
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style Belgian
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Sour Beers,Trappist/Belgian Ale
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Customer Reviews

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rick r.
Good sour- tricky to get right.

I've bought this kit a few times, and the last time I brewed it I got the best results because I did some research. I'm kinda new, so... After brewing with kits for a little over a year I know that yeast likes lower temps (55-ish to 78-ish). BUt to make this a good sour (after some research about the kit components) I did the first part of the brew, threw in the bacteria, then put it in the oven at about 95-100F. Bacteria isn't like yeast, and it does *nothing* unless it's pretty warm. Try it. Have fun.

Andrew N.
Great, Easy Kettle Sour Kit

I made this when the kit was called "The Sour Dutchman." Had some trouble figuring out get the wort to sour, but the gents at Midwest answered my question quickly. This is a kit you want to either either bottle and let sit, or let sit in a secondary for several months. Everyone who has had my first version loved it, and it's only gotten better as it's aged (bottles remaining are close to a year old). I'm going to brew this kit again soon, but this time use mango in the secondary to create a mango sour. I'm looking forward to those results.