Inkbird Dual-Stage WiFi Temp Controller

  • Inkbird Dual-Stage WiFi Temperature Controller

Inkbird Dual-Stage WiFi Temp Controller

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With the WiFi-enabled Inkbird controller, you can monitor your fermentation temperature from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Adjust settings with your mobile device and receive push notifications from the free companion app, InkbirdSmart, available for both iOS and Android. The app also collects data from the controller and displays the information as a daily graph of your fermentation's temperature activity.

The Inkbird dual stage temperature controller is an easy to use and economical controller that is perfect for home brewing. Inkbird controllers allow you to control both heating and cooling, and set independent differentials for each to keep the exact temperature you need.  Aside from brewing uses, this is a great dual relay output temperature controller for cooking (use in a smoker or BBQ), home growing (heat mats for seedlings, climate control), or any other DIY project you come up with!

Note this controller will only work with 2.4 GHz WiFi routers.


  • Body Dimensions: 5.5 in x 2.7 in x 1.3 in
  • Sensor Length: 6.56ft / 2m
  • Input Power Cable Length: 5ft /1.5m
  • Output Power Cable Length: 1ft /30cm

Additional Information

Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions



  • WiFi Enabled - requires 2.4 GHz router 
  • Free companion app available for iOS and Android devices
  • Dual-stage - control both heating and cooling
  • Independent adjustable Heating/Cooling differential
  • Dual display window - see current temperature as well as setpoint temp at the same time.
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Compressor delay protection for refrigeration control
  • 1000W max power
  • High and low temperature and sensor fault alarms
  • Control temperatures of -58° F - 210° F (-50° C - 99° C)
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1° F/ 0.1 ° C / Temperature Accuracy: 1°C / 1°F
  • Ambient Temperature: -22 - 167 ° F (-30 - 75 ° C)

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