Italian Amarone Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select

  • Italian Amarone Wine Kit box by RJS Cru Select

Italian Amarone Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select

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Our Amarone style is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavours. Deep, dark and inviting, the finish is long, lingering and full of ripe tannins.

From the full-bodied and robust to the soft and refined, Cru Select wines are delightful dinner companion and a real treasure for wine enthusiasts looking to complete their personal cellar.

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SKU 41562
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Other Red
Wine Region Italy
Oak Intensity Heavy

Customer Reviews

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FnA W.-.D.
Excellent - Smooth and wonderful.

Just bottled and it's already wonderful. Smooth with hints of dark cherry, plum and chocolate. Nice mouth feel. Dry and luscious. This taste so good, just after bottling, I'd be willing share with guests immediately. Can't wait to see how this matures with aging.

Sherry K.
Wine kit

Easy to follow instructions. Kit is in the carboy as I write this.


Since I have recently just started this kit I only starred it at a 3. This is the second Amarone I have done, and while it is still in the primary, the color is very dark and looks to be coming along nicely.

Lorne G.

I cannot give a review of the Amarone, because I will not bottle until Jan. 2.

However I have bottled my Nebbiolo , and San Giovese, and both are delicious.

I always go 50 - 56 days before bottling. Two weeks before, I try a half glass every day until I feel it is suitable to drink. My wife is the taster each week, and if she is not pleased, we leave until she says it is ready.

Barbara G.
Your Patience will be Rewarded

Started this in mid-December and it finally went into bottles today (late May). There’s richness to it from the addition of the raisins, but not one hint of cloying sweetness. It already has good mouth feel and a nice balance of oak and acidity, but it will be absolutely stellar after another 10-12 months. You’d probably be pleased if you started drinking this wine after 8 weeks, but time is a key ingredient if you want it to live up to its potential and be exceptional. In other words, go make a few batches of white wine to drink until this is ready.