Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

  • Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System

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Cleaning your carboys just got easier! With the Krausen Killer Carboy Washing System you can spend less time cleaning your equipment. Just sit and relax, hands-free as the Krausen washes the caked-on curd off your carboy.

Simply add PBW solution and water to pump through the washer and effortlessly obliterate the caked-on curb. Once sparkling clean, switch the solution to SaniClean to rinse. You'll have hands-free, rinse-free sanitized carboys in no time.

Suitable for kegs too. Using a soda keg disconnect and some tubing (not included), you can effortlessly clean those hard to reach keg dip tubes without disassembling the keg.

Note: Carboys not included, only shown for demonstration purposes

Cleaning and sanitizing a big 5 or 6 gallon carboy can be an intimidating job — what if we told you it could be hands-free, and could be done with just 1 gallon of solution instead of 5 or 6?

The Brewery Essentials Carboy Wash kit makes this a reality — works with both glass and plastic carboys, powered by Mark’s Keg Washer (don’t let the name fool you — it works for carboys, too!) and using the awesome no-rinse action of Saniclean. Using a soda keg disconnect and some tubing (not included), you can even clean those hard to reach keg dip tubes without disassembling the keg.

The janitorial part of brewing just got fun! with the powerful action of PBW, you can smugly watch the crusted-on gunk simply wash away. Includes a carboy brush (for use on glass carboys only), and a carboy dryer to help make sure your fermentors are drained and stored dry between uses.

Carboys not included!


  • Mark's Keg Washer

  • Carboy Dryer

  • PBW 1lb

  • Saniclean 16 oz.

  • Carboy Brush (for use on glass carboys only)

Please note, we cannot ship this product by air.

We recommend the use of a GFCI outlet or adapter during use.  

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SKU 41058

Customer Reviews

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Okay but not completely still have to wash the groves and bubbles.

I would not recomend it, I rateher wash it myself..

Time saving products

I bought both carboy and 12-bottle wine cleaners. They're great! Reduce cleaning time quite a bit.


Really like this

One of the best brewing gizmos I own

Bought this after brewing my 4th brew last December. I learned in a hurry that I didn't like washing carboys, especially after a messy, vigorous primary. Now I just toss some PBW in, put a carboy on and go watch an NBA game :-) Let it run for 10-15 minutes...things are usually clean when I come back. Sometimes there is a little crud that's caked on that requires breaking out a carboy brush. Just finished my 21st brew and have only had to break out a brush 2 or 3 times. Haven't stepped up to kegging so I can't say how it works with kegs, but as far as carboys, buckets, big mouth bubblers, this system gets the job done

Not for improvement.

THE GOOD: You will save a ton on cleaning/sanitation supplies.

THE BAD: Every vessel I washed with exception of a carboy had stability issues and there is no easy way to clean a one gallon glass jug. When attaching the system to the input or output of a corny keg the pressure is greatly reduced. Splashing outside of the reservoir seemed to be an issue as well which greatly limits the locations you can use the washer.

I come from a commercial alcohol background so my standards are pretty high on equipment that I purchase. The system isn't as heavy duty as I would liked and the pump isn't locked in place in any way. I haven't put the system through its paces with anything significantly dirty so my opinion may change.

That said, this is a decent system for the home brewer albeit a little under-powered. It would be easy to modify a cap for the up tube to simulate a multi-directional 'spray ball' for more thorough cleaning.