Monster Mill MM2 Double Roller Mill Kit

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Monster Mill MM2 Double Roller Mill Kit

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A heavy-duty, fully-adjustable all-purpose mill for homebrewers of all levels and batch sizes. Includes roller assembly, base, and steel hopper with 11 lb. capacity - just use a corded electric drill or add a 3/8" crank handle for a consistently perfect crush every time.

The MM2 boasts a double-roller configuration, with an adjustable gap spacing between the two rollers - this means you can set the gap tighter or coarser to dial in your efficiency and custom tailor the crush to suit your system, sparging or steeping method, and malt from batch to batch.

Roller Assembly:

6061 aluminum block frame with two 6" long x 1.5" dia. knurled steel rollers riding on SAE 841 oil- impregnated bronze bushings

adjustable roller gap spacing with 0-0.070" range

dual eccentric gap spacing adjusters, built from stainless steel to prevent galling

1/2" integral drive shaft w/3 flats for drill driving or a hand crank, 2" long outside frame

1/2" integral axles

average throughput 6 lbs/min.


heavy duty galvanized steel

9" overall height

11.5" x 12.75" at the top

11 lb. capacity


approx. 12 x 12" to fit over standard 5 or 6 gallon buckets

radiused top edges and corners

hand-routed grist window

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SKU 40913

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Aaron P.
Glad I spent extra to get this beast!

I just started brewing and I went ahead and spent the extra money to get this highly reviewed mill. I biab and have to make sure I get a great crush on my grains. So far I’ve only had to adjust it once. This thing weighs a ton and is very very well made. Hope this is the first and last mill I have to buy.