White House Honey Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • White House Honey Ale Beer Recipe Kit

White House Honey Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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This original recipe brewed by White House staff is both a callback to the favored beverage of our Founding Fathers as well as an opportunity to come together in an election year and share pints across the aisle.

More than just simply black and roasty, this porter builds consensus with generous applications of sweet caramel and toasty Munich malts, while moderate bitterness and a pound of honey lets us all find common ground. In a year of divisive politics, we think it's especially important to remember what we have in common: homebrewing!

Direct from the White House to your house. Midwest is proud to bring you the White House homebrew kits. No matter your political allegiance, we can all agree that homebrewing in the White House has to be a good thing for the nation.

The White House Honey Ale has strong notes of biscuit and caramel, and then a pound of honey is added to bump the ABV and smooth out the body. No matter your political leanings, this beer is sure to bring consensus at your next gathering. So let’s put aside our political differences, and celebrate our common passion; the art of fermentation

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Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 4 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Hybrid Beers
Fermentation Type Ale
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Honey ale

To me the honey ale is a perfect beer for many different meals and snacks hands down a fantastic everyday beer


I purchased this as a Christmas gift....

Jury still out, but prospects not great

I brewed this recipe just over a week ago, and my OG on it was super low, coming in at 1.010, when it should have been more in the 1.060 range. Fermentation petered out after about 2 days, now it's just sitting there in the fermenter making me worried that it's been a time waster. It still has half a week to finish primary fermentation and then technically needs to go through secondary fermentation for another two weeks. I may pull it out sooner, I'll update with my final result.

Very interesting beer!

This beer is much more complex and “bigger” than I would of thought, while also easy drinking. I brewed it for my friends who don’t like “real” beer, and found it pleasantly hoppy, no sweet at all, and it falls somewhere between the Cream Ale and a Sierra Nevada. Having brewed over 100 batches, this could occupy a tap for those who don’t like IPAs and for those who do, but refuse to drink water. Very nice beer, so is the White House Honey Porter. Pleasantly surprised !