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Omega Yeast OYL-605 - Lactobacillus Blend




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This is an Omega Yeast proprietary blend you will not find from other labs.
This blend contains two Lactobacillus species - brevis and plantarum - giving the blend a wide active temperature range. The Lactobacillus plantarum strain was isolated in collaboration with Marz Community Brewing from a starter inoculated with whole malt grains.

It sours efficiently at lower temperatures (65F-100F) compared to other Lactobacillus species. To use the blend for kettle souring a 5 gallon batch, prepare a 1 liter starter of approximately 1.040 specific gravity and pour contents of pouch into unhopped starter. Incubate 24-48 hours at room temperature to increase cell count. Prepare wort as normal and cool to 75-95F. Pitch Lactobacillus starter into unhopped wort and allow to sour to desired level. Maximum levels of sourness should develop within 48 hours. There is no need to hold the temperatures at the high end of the range for effective souring due to the efficient action of plantarum at lower temperatures.

When desired sourness is achieved, re-boil wort to kill Lactobacillus. Add hops at this time if desired. This blend is extremely hop sensitive. Souring may not occur in worts with 2 or more IBUs. Cool wort and pitch yeast to complete fermentation. This is an Omega Yeast proprietary blend you will not find from other labs.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert B.
Don’t be intimidated by bacteria. It’s very easy.

I have used the a few times for a sour gose. I always make a starter and kettle sour for 2 days. It works great. More sour than using accidulated malt, not harsh like adding lactic acid. I add hops after kettle souring and instructions say no IBUs above 3! I pitch at about 90F but don’t bother trying to keep the temp. that high. Typical ale temperature seems fine to get a nice sour batch in 2 days. Don’t be intimidated by bacteria. I’ve never had a problem with pitching yeast after souring, but still use a starter with yeast to be sure you have plenty of cells.

Ryan R.R.
Excellent lacto culture

Stepped this up in a 3L starter and pitched both packs in 30gal of wheat wort for a kettle sour Berliner Weiss. Held the kettle at 98F and it soured nicely in about 3 days.

Andy G.
Optimal Usage Time and Temp

Ill start by saying this is the only lactobacillus strain that I've used so far but it is a POWERHOUSE! I have used this 9 times so far for kettle souring and once for an aged Flanders red that's still in the works. Over my batches I've locked in time and temp so I sour from 5.2 post mash pH, down to 3.1 in less than 12 hours without adding any additional acids.
Start with making a 1L starter on a stir plate and set your ferm wrap between the stir plate and the flask, and incubate for 24 hours to raise the cell count.
When you pitch, I have found that the fastest souring temp is 87F. I've tried higher around 100 and nothing happened for 12 hours, lower and its slower. 87F has been the sweet spot for me and i can finish a kettle sour in one day in reasonable time.
I love this strain and will continue to use this for all of my sours.
Hope this helps anyone looking to kettle sour quickly and efficiently.