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This environmentally friendly product contains no chlorine, which can leave a film on glassware and corrode stainless steel. Requires only two minutes of contact time, and no rinsing is necessary. Safe to use on any of your equipment. Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. Makes 16 gallons.

This product may be used multiple times with proper storage, see our article: "How long is the One Step solution good for?"

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T N.
One Step Cleaner

For years I used bleach & had to do an enormous amount of rinsing. I am a true fan of One Step. I use this for my Corny kegs, 8 gallon stainless steel fermenters, racking canes, tubing & fittings. The key is to give the solution the correct time to dissolve and the time to soak all equipment. I use it before and after each brewing session & after I finish a keg.
I found that if tubing and all connectors are soaked overnight in 2 gallons of water & 2 tbs of one step, everything bleaches clean.

Michael L.
Great stuff!

I have used One step for years, works great!

Keith B.
works great

it worked amazing. i will bye again.

Mark H.
Great product

I use it before I start with all my equipment and tools and also use it after I clean and rinse when done brewing. Also flush all lines on my kegerator immediately after it’s emptied and do it again right before hooking up a new keg. It’s never failed!

Randall R.
Great cleaner and sanitizer

I have used this for years, but recently stumbled upon a great trick (everyone else probably knows this). I had a 6.5 gallon primary fermentor (white plastic bucket) that I used with a very dark red wine. After primary fermentation, I transfered the wine into a carboy, but the bucket was very deeply stained. I tried rinsing it, but not much help. I then put in 3 TBS of One Step and filled the bucket with hot water. I let it sit for about an hour and then dumped it out. Sparkling white interior!!! I rinsed it out and its ready to go again. I have tried the same in carboys with build up (with narrow necks)and then come sparkling clean. Yes, I use 3 TBS for 6+ gallons. Not the 'correct' formula, but it works, and this is not cheap.