Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

  • Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

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The exotic bouquet of Master Vintner® Pinot Noir captures luscious aromas of ripe red fruits and spiced chocolate in six gallons of hand-crafted wine.

Rich flavors of cherry and tart raspberry merge with notes of dark, juicy currants and bright red strawberry to complement a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel. Pairs well with sharp cheese, pork, veal and salmon.
Age Master Vintner® Pinot Noir with oak (not included) to develop an elegant and intense full-bodied wine, deep with refined tannins and notes of coffee and tobacco.

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 41919
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Pinot Noir
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

Customer Reviews

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Best Pinot Noir ever

Easy kit, always good quality, beautiful color and aroma.

Wonderful Pinot

Started this batch on 12/22/19; bottled 1/25/20. Our third batch of this Pinot kit, all of which have been excellent or better. Waited two weeks after bottling before opening the first bottle. Yummie! Classic Pinot Noir flavors with medium-full body, balanced texture and silky smooth finish. Have 4 bottles stored from two previous bottlings, 4/28/19 and 9/8/19. Excellent wine and exceptional bargain!

Good so far

Bottled a few weeks ago and was impressed. Had a bit of a sulphur nose and taste but I think that will fade with a little time and the oak should better integrate. Looking forward to trying it again in a few months! Already better than a lot of commercial Pinots I've had.

Too early to tell!

Just started the brew today. Familiar with the kits. I am going to try soaking some extra oak chips in Bourbon for a week and add to the wine. Upon finishing I will top with a BlackBerry wine. This will take the wine to a slightly to a more mellow finish

Master Vintner Pinot Noir

Love the wine. This will be a regular for me.