Riesling Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

  • Riesling Wine Kit box by Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

Riesling Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve

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Refined, vibrant aromas of peaches, apricots and white fruit with floral and citrus blossom notes when young, this gorgeous pale yellow wine shows nuances of honeycomb, citrus peel, and dried fruits as it ages.

On the palate it's assertive, distinctive and elegant, with juicy white fruit balanced by vivid acidity and a long luscious finish. An excellent food wine, it drinks well on its own and responds to light chilling--serve between 45 ºF and 55 ºF.

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 41959
Wine Color White
Wine Style Riesling
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Excellent White Wine

This Riesling is very tasty even without using the included sweetener. It has a mild fruit flavor.

Very good

Fermentation took a little longer than I expected bit the end result was great. Very tasty. Big hit with my Riesling friends.

Riesling kit

This is the fourth kit I've tried with Master Vintner and all of them have been fine. My husband keeps saying "why do we buy wine at the store when this is so much better?" Especially for the price per bottle. You really can't beat it. I always use Go-Ferm to start things off and tend to take a little more time with these than the instructions recommend because patience is always a virtue when making wine. All in all, a nice wine.

Riesling wine fermentation problem

I have had my wine in the secondary fermenter for about a month now but I can’t get the specific gravity down to.998. The airlock bubbles about every 30 seconds. What should I do?

First time wine making experience

This kit had everything I needed. Since I already brewed my own beer and I keg since I don't like to fool with bottles, I decided to try my hand at wine making. I had all the hardware (bubblers, carboys, etc.) and decided to keg the wine and store in my kegerator. I followed the instructions to the letter, never proceeding until the hydrometer readings were achieved. Kegging was a bit more challenge, as the wine is more viscous than ale, porter or lager. I had to purchase portable spigots that had tight seals to prevent leakage (I lost 1/2 gallon due to poor seal on my plunger tap). All in all a good experience. I would recommend.