Peach Perfection Wine Cooler Kit - RJS Orchard Breezin'

  • Peach Perfection Wine Cooler Kit box by RJS Orchard Breezin'

Peach Perfection Wine Cooler Kit - RJS Orchard Breezin'

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Discover this luscious peach wine cooler kit, ready in just 4 weeks time!
The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful wine from RJS Craft Winemaking. It blends the varietal notes of Chardonnay with the natural sweetness of juicy peaches. Pale straw in color, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon by the lake, or an evening barbecue.

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Category: White
Size: 5.5L
Yield: 23L
Ready Time: 4 Weeks
Oak: 0
Body: 3
Sweetness: 5++

Additional Information

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SKU 40020
Wine Color White
Wine Style Other White
Includes Grape Skins No
Yield 6 Gallons
Oak Intensity None

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Cliff P.
Peach perfection wine

Very pleased with everyone who told me that they love it.I got an8/10 on the wine from a friend of mine who makes wine. I guess that's not to bad. Thanks RJS.

Gerald D.
It's a hit here

after the wine had finished I stopped it and I only used about 3/4 of the peach flavoring. Still plenty flavor and not quite as sweet. I used the rest of the flavoring in a Peach Chardonnay and it also is a hit.

Nerone F.
Delicious Every Time!

This is a favorite!
We add sugar before pitching the yeast, to bring the specific gravity up to 1.080 or thereabouts. We end up with alcohol content of approximately 10% (before backsweetening with the included flavor pack). It is a tasty and refreshing white wine to enjoy during the summer heat. Don't hesitate... this one is worth it.

Margaret P.
Peach perfection is the best

This is the third time getting this flavor and it’s a big hit with everyone who tries it.

Peach wine

I have not made this yet. So I will review it again when I do