Scottish Wee Heavy All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

  • Scottish Wee Heavy homebrew in a glass with a customer caution in red text: "Advanced, additional equipment needed" to brew this recipe kit
Scottish Wee Heavy homebrew in a glass with a customer caution in red text: Scottish Wee Heavy in a glass

Scottish Wee Heavy All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Some Scottish historians theorize that Charles Stuart didn't flee Scotland after the failed 1745 uprising; instead, he had a few too many Wee Heavies in the Outer Hebrides and then just sort of woke up in France. History may keep her secrets, but you can share the experience of a Wee Heavy. There's a little Jacobite Revolution in every bottle.

These are the very strongest of all Scottish ales, with a garnet-brown hue, profound maltiness and high alcohol content. Our Wee Heavy showcases complex toffee and vinous notes and a restrained hop character. Best imbibed in small doses, this kit continues to develop with age and is great for cellaring.

If you enjoyed Work Boot Scottish Wee Heavy, you'll love this kit!

Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.


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Additional Information

SKU 1164
Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Regional Style British
Alcohol Content High
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style British/American Strong Ale,Irish and Scottish Ales
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

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Lyle G.
great recipe

Great brew. produces excellent quality beer for the all grain home brewer.

James G.
It ran low on specific gravity, but that was probably my fault

Just brewed it. It's fermenting as I type this. OG is supposed to be 1.085, I came up with 1.065 on a system which usually runs high on gravity (high efficiency), not low. I had some difficulty sparging, so there is every possibility that it is my fault, this is just a -very- big beer and you need to be prepared for mashing and sparging it correctly.
Started fermenting much later than my lower gravity beers I made at the same time, but then blew the air lock off of the fermenter, so it's definitely gotten going.
Looking forward to drinking it in a few weeks!

Leroy W.
Better with age!

The large grain bill pushed the limits of my second-hand Grainfather, dove in head first with my first attempt at all grain! 8 weeks in the fermenters, now about 8 weeks in the bottles and it just keeps getting better! Beautiful color, awesome Aroma and a nice malty flavor. I look forward to trying it in the upcoming months (and years)!