SMASH American Session Ale All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

  • SMASH American Session Ale All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

SMASH American Session Ale All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Discover the SMASH American Session Ale kit - a simple, yet complex SMASH (single malt and single hop) ale recipe.

If you enjoyed Solitaire Session Ale, you'll love this kit!

Take a step back from more complex recipes and take a look at what Solitaire Session Ale can bring to the table. This simple SMASH (single malt and single hop) recipe serves as a showcase for time honored base malt, and then brazenly flaunts the distinctiveness of Simcoe hops. Pouring with a dazzling light golden-straw complexion and endowed with a luxuriant snow-white froth cap, Solitaire Session Ale is a true beauty to behold. As the pint is raised, fragrant impressions of passionfruit, pine, dank earth, and mild citrus dazzle the senses. Upon sipping, the clean, grainy, honeyed malty aura marvelously fuses with the unique dank, pine, and fruity undertones tendered by the smattering of Simcoe. Should you feel compelled to partake in a few pints, fret not; this ambrosial session ale tips the scales at a mere 4.5% ABV.

Additional Information

SKU B10033
Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 4 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Low
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style American Pale Ale/Cream Ale
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I can't believe I brewed this

This came out absolutely amazing. I would brew this again and again. I think it's one to keep on hand at all times. Also, I'll second the previous comment about gelatin. It turned out crystal clear. Simcoe is now my favorite hops!

Simply Perfect

I will be buying this again regularly. Be sure to secondary( two weeks) and use gelatin finings to hold down the dry-hops. It is amazing beer at it's basics. Simple, sweet, balanced, the perfect crowd pleaser.