Smashing Pumpkin Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • Smashing Pumpkin Ale in a drinking glass

Smashing Pumpkin Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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Autumn, and a homebrewer's thoughts turn to capturing the sensory experience of the season ... crisp nights, colorful leaves, and ripe gourds being turned into pie. We're often asked for pumpkin ale recipes at this time of year, and it's easy to understand why: sipping this spiced amber ale is like drinking a slice of pie. Clean and sweetly malty with just enough hop bitterness to balance and no hop aroma to mask the spices. A dose at the shutdown of the boil imbues the beer with a complex, lingering spice profile full of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger that persists from the pour to the last swish in the pint glass.

If you want to incorporate actual vegetables in this all grain pumpkin beer recipe, you'll need to provide your own 8 to 10 pound pumpkin (winter squash like butternut or acorn will work if pumpkin is out of season). Cut up the gourd, discard the innards, and roast or microwave the pieces until soft and cooked through, then peel. Mash the peeled, cooked pumpkin flesh with the included grains at 152°F for 1 hour.

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Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Amber Ale,Spice or Fruit Beer
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

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David S.
Light on the pumpkin spice flavor

I realize it’s difficult to balance the right amount of pumpkin spice flavor for everyone. I tasted this though-out the brewing process and about to tap it and there’s only a slight hint of pumpkin spice flavor. Perhaps doubling the spice mixture would be better.

Meg K.
Will purchase again

I really enjoy this kit. I’ve purchased a few times and it consistently comes out great.

Mark B.
Second time and still great

Second time, still good. I used all the spices and did not have a pumpkin this time. But still tastes great. I did have a gourd in the room, so that counts… Great for the fall!

Bill M.
Smashing Pumpkin Ale

Wow! This turned out very well. 4 weeks in fermentation and two weeks bottle conditioning and it rocked! It will most likely get better. Love it.

dawn b.
Easy Pumpkin Ale

I brewed my kit as per instructions. I did add a pound of briess pilsner malt. Then, a week after it started fermenting, I cooked some sweet potatoes, about 4 pounds, mashed them, and added them to the bucket. When I bottled it there was about 44 12 oz bottles.
The flavor of this ale is slightly sweet and has just the right blend of spices to make any fan of Pumpkin Beer perfectly happy. Believe me, true fans of Pumpkin Beer will not be disappointed in this kit. Plus, it is getting pretty difficult to find enough store-bought Pumpkin Beer to get you through the season.