Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Sommelier Select®

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Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Sommelier Select®

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The mineral-rich marl soil of Italy's Piedmont produces grapes ripe, red fruit with deep ruby red color and a scent of rose petals.

When drunk young it shows dry, spicy notes and endless red berries. With cellaring the Italians say that it is 'like drinking velvet', for its polished, integrated tannins. 

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 43159
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Other Red
Wine Region Italy
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

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Dewey H.

Just bottled. Tasted terrific for fresh from the carboy. Very easy to make, just follow the steps.

joseph I.
Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner Sommelier Select

I just finished bottling my second batch of Nebbiolo. The first batch had grape skins. After 6 months the wine tasted very good, and after 1 year it tasted great. Wine and cigars have a tough time gaining in my house.

This current order came with raisins, so I am not sure yet of the final outcome. If I remember, I will give a 6 month and 1 year update. My initial tasting at the bottling was of a young wine that needs time to age and for the tannin and oak and grape flavors to blend and mellow. The raisins don't seem to have much tannin to them, at least not as much as the skin pack did. So. the mouth feel is quite different. This batch of wine initial tasting had a slightly fruitier flavor to it. The raisins certainly add to the sugar content of the wine yielding a 14% ABV. I would suggest you consider lightly cutting the raisin before adding them to the bag. I have found the yeast can fully go after the sugar in the raisins vs. leaving them whole.
The instructions were good, but I don't understand why they don't provide a muslin bag with the kit when they provide skins or raisins. It seems cheap to me.
A closing note: I have travelled to Italy many times and I am fond of the wines from the Piemonte region. The Nebbiolo is a fall wine in Italy. Some of the best come from Alba and Langhe areas. The Nebbiolo wine I had in the past had rich flavor with moderate tannins and a slightly fruity flavor. I am hopeful this batch will yield great results over time.

I hope these comments help.

Lorne G.

Not bottled until June 8

Edward C.
I liked the kit .. But

The but is that the wine is still sitting in a carboy. I reracked it a couple of times and I am planning on Bottling the wine in the next week. Wine takes time. Give me a couple of months and I can better judge the product

Sommelier select Nebbiolo

This Nebbiolo is progressing nicely, at my first tasted I loved Nebbiolo, it is a unusual red wine but lovely, even young it taste good, I'll be doing periodic taste testing but hope to have most survive so i can drink it at its best