Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter

  • Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermenter
Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermenter Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermentor Integrated silicone lid seal with heavy duty clasps Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermentor IsoFlow bulkhead Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermentor Graduated volumetric marks Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermentor IsoFlow Diptube

Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter

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Say goodbye to buckets and other inferior fermenters that are almost impossible to properly clean and sanitize. Say hello to the Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter.

Boasting a total volume of 8.4 gallons, this fermenter has enough space to contain even the most vigorous fermentation. Ideal for wine, beer, or even kombucha. It’s seamless, smooth interior ensures there is nowhere for bugs to hide.

The included universal stopper, airlock, and EZ Clean Kettle Valve with internal pickup tube allows for easy transfer and includes the ability to rotate the dip tube to avoid sediment, all with no hard-to-sanitize internal threads. The built-in silicone seal and 4 heavy-duty clamps guarantee a secure lid and a perfectly airtight seal for the most discerning vintners and brewers. The heavy-duty construction ensures the Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter will last a lifetime.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 8.4 gallon capacity
  • No internal threads
  • Adjustable, swiveling diptube for maximum transfer
  • Graduated volume marks
  • Integrated silicone lid seal with heavy-duty clasps
  • Uses a standard Small Universal Bung (included)
  • 23” tall by 12” diameter (with lid, but no stopper/airlock attached).

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SKU 42395

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good stainless steel fermenter

Good Fermenter. Had issues with it leaking at first but sorted that out with some additional plumbers tape. It is rather thin unit but good for what I need it for.

1 x Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermenter

I have used the item twice now with good results. For what I wanted to spend on a stainless steel ferment, it was a good deal. The only concern I have about it is that the valve and the thickness of the fermenter barrel don't seem to match as well as I think it should. The valve is heavy and the thickness of the fermenter barrel itself is relatively thin and should be thicker to effectively support the weight of the shut-off valve. When handling it, I worry about bumping it and creating valve leaks.


It need instructions on how to put it together. Otherwise, great kit. I would buy it again.


All good! Easy to clean.
Makes good beer!!
And it’s shiny. Perfect addition for home decorating.

Sovereign stainless steel fermenter

I really like this fermenter for making wine. I now have two of them so I can transfer the wine from one to the other without having to use a syphon. I also bottle from the fermenter. I find this to be much easier than using the syphon.