Male Quick Disconnect with 1/2" Barb - Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect 1/2" Barb

Male Quick Disconnect with 1/2" Barb - Stainless Steel

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This male quick disconnect with 1/2" barb slots easily into the female version (either 40855 or 40856). Just press down on the female disconnect spring-loaded band and slide the male disconnect into place, then release the band to lock it down against the internal gasket.

Use with hot or cold liquids up to 60 psi.

Use caution when transferring hot liquids - the stainless disconnect will get hot to the touch.

Quickly and effortlessly switch lines between fittings with this stainless steel quick disconnect.

Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect 1/2" Barb

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SKU 40854

Customer Reviews

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I like the stainless quick connects. they are very handy. The reason I won't rate them high is because they leak. the male/female connection seems very loose, causing the oring to not real good enough.

Good quality

The best quick disconnects I've used. I had some cheaper QDs that didn't hold up so I am not making that mistake again. Buy good QDs and they last a life time.

Expensive but good

Its certainly a good disconnect, made of SS, and seals well. Its also pretty expensive. I use them because it's a one time cost and I brew a lot.

Quality for a price.

These had always been on my dream homebrew setup list, but I'd never considered buying them due to the cost. So when I found a bunch of them at a garage sale, I was pretty happy about the situation. (Tubing is one of the best things to buy at garage sales.) Now the system is so much faster and the stainless steel is great.

Expensive , but worth it

This is durable and made of quality, heavy stainless steel. It seals perfectly, and never leaks. When I added some new equipment I purchased a bunch of quick disconnects. They were expensive, but my brew day is so much easier with them. I can set up and take down everything much faster. I can reconfigure things and its no sweat. Click, Click, and everything is connected. And no leaks._x000D_