Imperial Sparge Stainless Steel Adjustable Sparge Arm

  • Imperial Sparge Stainless Steel Adjustable Sparge Arm
Imperial Sparge Stainless Steel Adjustable Sparge Arm Imperial Sparge Arm Detail

Imperial Sparge Stainless Steel Adjustable Sparge Arm

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Horizontally expands to fit any kettle size, vertical adjustability on-the-fly accommodates any grain bed height, and the clog-resistant siphon sprayer allows a maximum range of flow to effectively sparge or recirculate a wide variable range of mash sizes. The incredibly affordable, unfailingly effective Stainless Steel Adjustable Sparge Arm will take you from good to great or great to award-winning in an instant.

Whether you're a seasoned expert or all-grain novice, this versatile weapon is ready out-of-the-box to take your mash efficiency to the next level as the first and only sparge arm that expands to accommodate any kettle size from 5 to 30 gallons. Sparge and recirculate effectively on batches from small to large; high-gravity brews across any vessel size spanning up to 24" in diameter.

Fully adjustable on-the-fly to effectively sparge and recirculate every batch, every time regardless of size. Vertical adjustability accommodates variable grain bed heights and the sprayer maximizes adjustable flow range to evenly distribute the optimal amount of water.

Designed to make your brew day easier from setup to cleanup, the clog-resistant sprayer allows you to recirculate your mash or sparge with just a quick change of tubing. Its simple, stainless steel design is easily cleaned and stores small yet is solid as a rock when assembled.

Fits brewing vessels up to 24” in diameter.

Use with 3/8" ID tubing.

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SKU 41333

Customer Reviews

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Arthur W.

Life is much easier using this than buckets and spoons.

Jerry F.
Big Mistake

Unit came with no instructions. Doesn't stay put on my 8 gallon pot, sloppy, loose fit. Sprinkler only sprays what's directly below it. Had to improvise a feed system to get liquid into the feed tube. Oh, and did I mention it's WAY overpriced for what it doesn't do. I went back to my homemade contraption which, while not pretty, is simple . . . and works.

John M.
Glub Glub Glub

This seems like a great way to sparge but it is way too small and only disperses the liquid wort if the volume is up on the pump otherwise the cone is only about 2" wide. I suggest going to another style as in a shower type vs. this. Not at all impressed and no longer using it.

richard z.
Fantastic flow rate

The imperial sparge arm worked beautifully in regards to flow rate and dispersion of water throughout the grain.

William S.
Good design

Great design, but dies nit adjust down quite enough to fit my cooler