Storm the Bastille Imperial Farmhouse Ale Beer Recipe Kit

  • Storm the Bastille Imperial Farmhouse Ale in a drinking glass

Storm the Bastille Imperial Farmhouse Ale Beer Recipe Kit

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A rebellion against the traditional farmhouse ale, Storm the Bastille is an imperial brew for the ages. French Aramis hops make their debut with a siege of spicy, fresh-cut herbals, bolstering a heavier hop profile than the standard saison beer kit.

Each sip reveals riotous layers of citrus and yeasty, earthy funk. Storm the Bastille makes its mark as one of our highest-ABV kits in history—unexpected for such a crisp, refreshing pint.

If you enjoyed Drunken Farmer Imperial Saison, you'll love this kit!


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Additional Information

SKU B10360
Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Regional Style Belgian
Alcohol Content High
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
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Customer Reviews

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So this right here is why we homebrew. You can't find beers like this in the store - this is the final frontier of brewing. Plus this stuff is damn good beer - I've brewed it maybe 5 times now, and it was consistently awesome - this is the stuff that makes your non-brewing friends go quiet and say stuff like "Urrrgh! Wow!" and "Daaaaamn!". It's probably better bottled, but on draft...yowza...

Tom H.
Worth making

I made Drunken Farmeand has a good kick. Going to make again. Only thing wrong with this brew is the tr before but like this brew much better. Taste very good ime it takes before opening up a bottle but well worth it!

Phil H.

I offered a taste of this beer to my local bartender and he spent the night sampling it out to his friends. My brewing prowess was established in his opinion, and I believe much of it had to do with this recipe.

Robert B.D.

Great taste and a big beer!

Don T.
I love this beer

Excellent beer. I recommend you let it age a while before botteling and let it age a while in the bottle. six, eight months. It is worth the wait.