Washington Merlot Wine Kit - RJS Cru International

  • RJS Cru International Merlot Wine Kit

Washington Merlot Wine Kit - RJS Cru International

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Soft and lush, this deep intense wine exhibits flavors of round black cherry, plum, blackberries, and chocolate with beguiling notes of eucalyptus and cassis. Supple, velvety tannins round out a warm, lingering finish. The smooth tannins require less age than Cabernet Sauvignon, making this an ideal red for early and easy drinking.
Merlot pairs beautifully with many foods—try it with pâtés or other charcuterie, pork or veal roasts, rich, cheesy gratins and even hamburgers.

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SKU 41538
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Merlot
Wine Region North America
Includes Grape Skins Yes
Food Pairings Pâtés or other charcuterie, pork or veal roasts, rich, cheesy gratins and even hamburgers
Oak Intensity Medium

Customer Reviews

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great wine

This was a great overall value and wine!

Very nice

I've made probably 5 or 6 of the CRU Washington Merlot and have to say its probably my daily go-to wine. Never been disappointed with its supple, full mouth feel and finish. It the most balanced and easy drinker of all the kits I have done, along with the French Merlot by CRU... but I think the Washington is a bit more fruit forward. Excellent choice and would easily buy this in a store for $10 -$12 a bottle!

verry good

have made 2 of these kits will probably make more. would recommend it to others.

Wife loves this merlot

I am on my third of the RJS Washington Merlot. Just to give a reference to our wine experience, we shop in $7 - $12 a bottle range and drank the Botany box and black box merlots. The wife says this wine is head and shoulders above those. It is smooth and buttery with good body. Is dry with a light berry taste. We highly recommend it.

Early taste

Within one week befor bottling i siphoned a taste and all i can say is OMG! Ive made this befor it is an excellent wine