Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit - Master Vintner Weekday Wine

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Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit - Master Vintner Weekday Wine

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This big red with dark fruit flavors stands up to savory and spice, in all kinds of cuisine. If you plan on making wine at home, try pairing this with pasta with meat sauce (think lasagna!) bratwursts, pizza (hold the anchovies), or any gathering of friends who enjoy a robust red wine.

Life is complex. Weekday Wine is simple.

Contains 5.5L of juice concentrate. Yields 6 Gallons.

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Wine Color Red
Wine Style Cabernet Sauvignon
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings

Roast Beef, Barbecue Ribs.

Customer Reviews

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Paul T.W.
2x Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit - Master Vintner

Very good tasting wine, mellow, smooth and aromatic. I’ve discovered tannin needs to be added as the oak chips don’t cut it. This opinion is shared with my bride and a close friend I give two 750 ml bottles. He drank his on two consecutive nights.

Michael O.
Excellent bouquet

I believe the wine would of been a lot better if it was a 5 gallon batch. It was very light bodied ( not your typical Cab). It resembles a Pinot more than a Cabernet. I’d buy again and try as a five gallon kit. It still turned out very drinkable.

Chris G.
Overall, a good wine!

This was our first wine kit, and overall, it's pretty straightforward. After a month or so sitting, the wine has a little tart aftertaste, but after the second or third sip, you don't notice it, and it's a good wine with dinner. There was a little foam / CO2 in the bottle after we bottled it, but that went away after a couple of weeks in storage. It's a good wine to learn for winemaking!

charles t.
Master Vinters Cab Wine Kit

We are still working on the last phase of fermentation. After 20 days the gravity reading was still 1.7 and no visible signs of fermentation in the carboy or the airlock. At the advise of a wine and beer supply store in Denver, we added another packet of yeast yesterday. Today there is definitely action in the carboy and airlock, almost too much. We are basically starting over again and hope we will still come out with good wine!

Thomas S.

I actually ordered 3 kits. They arrived sooner than I thought and have finished the zin, I’m doing the riesling now. The cab will be done in Feb. I have always been pleased with the kits I have ordered from Midwest Supplies.