Merlot Wine Kit - Master Vintner Weekday Wine

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Merlot Wine Kit - Master Vintner Weekday Wine

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Like a well-loved sweater, this merlot is deliciously soft…a fruity, cherry and blackberry-scented hug that’s incredibly drinkable and makes even a burger feel like a feast. Break this one out with steak, dark chocolate and even for your friends who never choose red wine. And watch it work its deep berry magic!

Life is complex. Weekday Wine is simple.

Contains 5.5L of juice concentrate. Yields 6 Gallons.

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SKU 42103
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Merlot
Yield 6 Gallons
Food Pairings #N/A
Oak Intensity #N/A

Customer Reviews

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Edward S.
Merlot every day kit

The kit arrived quickly, it’s in the middle of fermentation, so far so good.. nice rich color and fermentation started great.

Excellent Merlot Wine Kit

For a $50 wine kit, this is an excellent wine. I used a custom oak blend of cubes: 2/3 American medium and 1/3 French medium +; the oak was used for only 10 days during secondary fermentation. 10 days was enough for a fruity flavor with a mild tannin level. Extra aging with oak would probably add flavor and tannins.

Keith N.P.
free shipping

Your minimum order to get free shipping is too high. But the kits are good. Thumbs up to Weekday Merlot!

Michael O.
Great everyday wine

This wine is very easy to make. And for the price can’t be beat

Barbara M.
Weekday Wine Merlot

I'll start by saying this was my first kit. I have made multiple small batch fruit wines and although everything is still aging I was happy enough with the results to move on to "real" wine. I followed the directions exactly (I was tempted to GoFerm the yeast) and everything went as planned until the end. The wine didn't clear completely so I left it for another week or so. I am used to using Bentonite and then Sparkeloid and I wasn't sure if using either of them on top was a good thing so I just bottled. Although "young", the wine tastes very promising for something so inexpensive so I'm just going to let it sit for a few months and have it be what it said it would be. My weekday wine. I have moved on to a Chardonay to try again, but upgraded to Winemaker's Reserve