Wheat Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

  • Wheat Malt Extract Syrup in 6 and 3.15-pound containers
Wheat Malt Extract Syrup in 6 and 3.15-pound containers 3.15-pound container of Wheat Malt Extract Syrup 6-pound container of Wheat Malt Extract Syrup

Wheat Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

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An essential extract for brewing wheat beers with ease, Wheat LME makes working with wheat simple and stress-free, avoiding stuck sparges without compromising complexity. The perfect base for any wheat-based brew, Wheat LME can also add a wild card of fresh, wholesome flavor to any style of beer.

Wheat LME has a base of 65% wheat malt complemented by 35% barley malt for a malt syrup that adds body and consistently produces spectacular head retention. Lovibond range is reliably between 2.0 ° and 6.0 ° Lovibond, with a fermentability of 75%.

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Grain Usage

Use in the production of extract wheat beers, and to adjust the flavor of wheat and other styles of all grain brews.

Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

Customer Reviews

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Larry D.

can't do a fair review because I have not used it yet

Always Midwest Supplies

I haven't use the recently purchased Wheat Malt Extract so I can't comment about it, but have never been disappointed in any of their malt or any other products for that matter. Their orders have always been prompt, as advertised, good quality and competitively priced. They are my go to for brewing supplies.

Victor M.
Very good Hefeweisen

I have been buying this malt for over 20 years and my kids think it makes the German quality beer.

David W.
Texas Wit

This is the first time I have ordered from Midwest Supplies. Normally, I would have gone to my local Houston beer supply store for all I needed to brew. But I moved to back to the Mid-West and needed somewhere to buy everything in my ale recipes. I looked up Midwest Supplies on line and they have everything I needed from malt to grains to sanitizer to dried orange peel. I found the total cost about 20% more than I would have paid for the same supplies in Houston, but they were mailed to my door and that's hard to beat. My batch of wit is still brewing but will be great, I know. I will become a regular customer.

Dave S.

Don't know yet, still in the carboy. Dave Spencer