Yeast Starter Kit, 1L

  • Yeast Starter Kit, 1L

Yeast Starter Kit, 1L

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A yeast starter will reduce the time it takes a fermentation to begin by dramatically increasing cell count. A starter also allows you to assess the quality and viability of the yeast before pitching. The increased cell count and pitching rate will have many positive effects on fermentation including better attenuation and cleaner taste. Highly recommended for high gravity worts (O.G.>1.060) and lagers. Also the best way to ensure liquid yeast health during warm weather shipping. Kit contains 1000mL flask, foam stopper, 1 lb DME, a 6x9 recloseable bag (to preserve remaining for future yeast starters) and instructions.

Do not apply direct heat to the flask.

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SKU 7055

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Buy a pyrex flask and get your DME from Midwest

Great idea for yeast starters. The 1L size is plenty big enough for the lower OG batches. Have to use a blow off tube and fermentation began in hours not day. The bad is that the flask is absolute garbage. Cant heat it which for me, is not a big deal. Heat the wort in a pan and cool it down before transfering to the flask. The flask is not pyrex and is very brittle. Used it twice before it slipped out of my hand while drying it off and hit the counter top from a couple of inches up and shattered into a million pieces. I got it simply for the ease of it while ordering other supplies. Now I have to spend more money just to get a real flask elsewhere.

Kinda small

This flask easily fits in the fridg. I use it to decant my yeast.

Always great products and great

Always great products and great customer service


For the longest time I would just pitch my white labs yeast without a starter. Until my last batch which failed to ferment. My luck had finally caught up with me and I decided to order this starter kit to make sure that never happened again._x000D__x000D_Great basic kit got my starter going great which had a quick and solid fermentation.

Worked as expected

I got this kit to start doing yeast starters. Based on some reviews of yeast overflowing the top with a full 1L starter I did a 700ml starter instead. Worked great and had plenty of yeast when pitching.