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 What are some common troubleshooting issues regarding kegs and dispensing?

What are some common troubleshooting issues regarding kegs and dispensing?

Almost all dispensing problems are the result of improper temperature, improper pressure, or cleaning/sanitation issues.

Reviewing this checklist should solve most common issues.

  • Is the keg being stored between 36-38 degrees F?
  • Is the CO2 pressure between 7-10 lbs?
  • Have the Faucet, beer line, and keg coupler been cleaned (with chemicals specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning) on a regular basis?
  • Listed below are some other common problems and their causes:

    WILD BEER: Beer, when drawn, is all foam, or too much foam and not enough liquid beer:

  • Beer temperature is too warm
  • CO2 pressure is set too high
  • Faucet in bad, dirty, or worn condition
  • Kinks, twists or other obstructions in the beer line
  • Beer drawn improperly
  • FLAT BEER: Foamy head disappears quickly; beer lacks brewery fresh flavor:

  • Beer temperature is too cold
  • CO2 pressure is set too low
  • Dirty glassware
  • CLOUDY BEER: Beer in glass appears hazy, not clear:

  • Frozen or nearly frozen beer
  • Beer that has been un-refrigerated for long periods of time
  • Old beer
  • Dirty faucet, beer line, and/or keg coupler
  • Dirty glassware
  • FALSE HEAD: Large soap-like bubbles, head dissolves very quickly:

  • Dry glasses
  • Improper pour
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