Equipment Needed to Make Wine

You’ve made the decision to make wine, but want to know what type of equipment you need. We will give you a list of equipment to make things easier for you. Midwest also offers complete wine making kits that can make the process easier if you are just getting into wine making. For those that have some equipment for beer making, you usually do not have to purchase everything again, but you do want to make sure that you have the correct size equipment, and you cannot use a plastic fermenter bucket for both beer and wine–once a fermenter has had beer in it, it’s dedicated to beer, same goes for wine.

Here is a checklist of everything you will need to make wine:

A few extra items that Midwest Supplies would recommend are:

Midwest has several packaged kit options for you. The kit you choose will depend on whether or not you already have any of the equipment, and how involved you plan to get in the hobby. You can compare all of our wine equipment kits.

If you are totally new to the wine making world, we would suggest going with our Master Vintner® Wine Starter Kit. It has everything you need to get started, except for about 30 bottles, which you'll need about 2 months after you start your wine.

What Equipment Do I Need To Make Wine - PDF