When is Kombucha Ready to Drink?

When is Kombucha Ready to Drink? And other FAQs

Is my Kombucha ready to drink?

Brew times vary depending on the temperature. In warm weather, or if you can keep your booch around 78-82 degrees, you may see your first signs of a “baby” SCOBY forming on top of your brew within 4-7 days. With colder temps it may take weeks.

Since brew times can vary from 1-4 weeks depending on temperatures, you can look to other indicators, like your new SCOBY measuring about 1 cm thick or more, or use a pH strip to test whether the brew registers between 2.5 and 3.

But we find the best indicator is taste! Get right in there with a clean straw or spoon and serve yourself a small sample. If it’s too sweet, let it keep brewing for a few more days and sample again until you reach the taste you like best. There is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to preference. Part of the fun is finding your own signature booch brew.

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