What is a SCOBY?


Every batch of Kombucha needs a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, most commonly referred to as a SCOBY. It may look like a science fiction monster trapped in a kombucha jar, but this flattened jellyfish is what gets your fermentation going and your kombucha brewing.

What Is A SCOBY?

If you can get past the ick-factor, a healthy SCOBY is the catalyst for brewing bottling your own Kombucha. It’s a perfectly balanced, self-supporting organism made up of bacteria and yeast living in harmony. Once you add it to your sweetened tea, the yeast will begin to devour all the sugar and convert it into alcohol. The bacteria in the SCOBY will then convert that alcohol into beneficial acids like acetic, glucoronic, and gluconic acid. This entire process produces even more SCOBY matter. A healthy SCOBY is a growing SCOBY.

Where To Get A SCOBY?

As a SCOBY grows, it may turn into a ‘mother SCOBY’ that produces a ‘baby SCOBY.’ If some of your friends are brewing Kombucha they may offer to give you a slice or a ‘baby SCOBY’ from their own batch. These SCOBY aren’t always in the best condition and may require special attention in order to brew the kind of kombucha you desire. Often times they have been used with flavored tea or various sugars that can lead to inconsistencies between the yeast and bacteria ratio. Searching for high quality and dependable SCOBY can be difficult. We partner with a crew of small-batch Kombucha brewers to source the freshest, most robust SCOBYs possible. They are grown in a neutral environment that eliminates exposure to flavor tainting and consist of the ideal proportion of yeast to bacteria. They also come with supply of Kombucha starter liquid, and are sealed in a protective pouch that prevents contamination.

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