Wine is leaking out of the Buon Vino pads.

Please read the Suggestions and Recommendations sheet supplied with the product.

A small amount of leakage is normal from a plate and frame filter, due to the capillary nature of the filter pads. Allow the drip tray to drain into the fermentor you are filtering from.

If you did not rack your wine and you have sediment at the bottom you may be drawing up some of the sediment and clogging the pads quickly. Rack your wine before filtering.

Identify the style and density of the wine you are making. Each batch is different and can also clear at different times. Red wines, due to the color, are much harder to identify. Never start filtering with the hose at the bottom of the carboy. Insert your hose about half way and gradually force it towards the bottom of the carboy. Do not allow the line to empty. This will make the pump run dry, potentially damaging your pump.

What type of wine are you making? Some wines clear faster than others and some types are heavier, especially reds. If you are making a heavy red wine you may need to filter with the #1 pad which is coarser.

Lubricate your tightening bolts at the thread with petroleum jelly or food grade grease. This gives better ability for the hand wheels to tighten down on the filter area.