Blichmann WineEasy™ 20 Gallon Fermenter

  • The Blichmann WineEasy 20-Gallon Fermenter

Blichmann WineEasy™ 20 Gallon Fermenter

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Using the WineEasy™ combined fermentor and WineEasy™ Press Piston (sold separately) from Blichmann Engineering™ is admittedly different than anything on the market, it is incredibly easy to use and provides results that traditional fermenting and pressing techniques simply can't offer. Its sleek, clean sheet design gives a fresh approach to home wine making.
  • No messy transfers to a secondary fermentor
  • Less risk of contamination and oxidation
  • Great press efficiency
  • Less time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple mess-free cleanup
  • Produce consistently superb wines
At the heart of the system is a high quality stainless primary fermentor. A uniquely designed false bottom located at the bottom of the fermentor allows the pomace to be separated from the wine while draining the unit.

After alcoholic fermentation, the free run is drained or pumped out of the fermentor. The sliding piston assembly is then installed. The vacuum pump evacuates the carboy (or other vacuum capable vessel) and applies a vacuum under the false bottom of the WineEasy™ fermentor. This causes atmospheric pressure to push down on the sliding piston pressing the pomace to the ideal maximum pressure of 14 PSI to avoid hard press conditions. Since this is all done without transferring the pomace to a press, and is done so in a completely closed and air tight system, oxidation and contamination are virtually eliminated. Cleanup is as easy as scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high polish stainless steel fermentor.

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The WineEasy™ system is comprised of 3 main parts, each sold separately: A Fermentor, its matching Press Piston, and a Vacuum Press Kit (Pump).
  • Wine Fermentor: available in a 20 Gallon Fermenter, 30 Gallon Fermenter and 55 Gallon Fermenter. Each fermenting tank comes equipped with the ring stand, bottom valve, false bottom assembly and a tight fitting lid.
  • Wine Press Piston: The Press Piston MUST MATCH your fermentor size (20 Gallon Press Piston, 30 Gallon Press Piston and 55 Gallon Press Piston). Please note: You will need ONE piston for each different size fermentor you have in your winery. If you have multiple fermentors of ONE size you only need ONE piston.
  • Wine Vacuum Press Kit: The vacuum press eliminates any wasted components in the wine making process and works with all sizes of fermentors, should you desire to have multiple fermentors and/or different size units in your winery. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degass your wine! You will only need ONE vacuum press kit for your winery no matter what quantity or size fermentors you have.

Customer Reviews

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My new toy

I've been using it for a few months and it's my favorite toy. Its labor saving and eliminates some of the annoying chores. The false bottom and screen do a good job keeping debris out of my wine._x000D_

A really nice system

I saw this demoed and instantly wanted it. I got it as a present for myself._x000D_It saves me the space and cost of a conical though it is expensive and not for everyone. I like it because it's all in one, with less hassle and risk of infection. I've used it twice and really enjoy it.

Best way to make red wine

I just started my first batch and it was fun. This handles big batches and saves me from having to buy a set of conical fermentors that would cost a lot more than this does, even with all the additions._x000D__x000D_There are a lot of nice design features like_x000D_- all in one, pressing and fermentation, giving better access to the grape components for better flavor_x000D_- it's designed with a false bottom and screen that lets me keep seeds and particles out of my wine_x000D_- it's just faster and easier than doing the steps serially._x000D__x000D_I'll report in when the wine is ready in a year or two.

great buy

i think this is a great buy it will do so much and is very eas to clean.i just ran a batch of m strwberry wine in it. the vac press is great. a;so degased a 6 gallon carboy works great. ou need to look at blichmann's web site and make sure of the size of fermentor that fits our needs. very well made stainless steel fittings are of very god quality. cant wait to run the grapes from m vines through it...._x000D_if you are serious about our wine making this is a must ;)