Ferrari Automatic Wine Bottle Filler

  • Automatic Wine Bottle Filler in a bottle

Ferrari Automatic Wine Bottle Filler

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This slick unit can be used for bottling both still & sparkling wine. The filler has a tapered fitting that accommodates 5/16”, 3/8” & 1/2” siphon hoses. To use, simply attach the siphon hose to the spigot on the bottling bucket & filler unit, turn the spigot on, push the button on the filler & the filling begins! When the bottle is full, the unit automatically shuts off. The rubber piece that goes into the bottle can be moved to adjust the fill level. The nut on the top of the unit allows regulation of the flow.

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SKU 8245

Customer Reviews

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Chris H.

Well it works, but for some reason sometimes it leaks and sprays out the sides. It gets a little messy.

Jean C.
Best 16.00 I ever spent

I've used my Ferrari for 18 years.... and a lot of wine kits. I finally have to get a new one. For me, a great product.

Allan R.
Ferrari Automatic Wine Bottle Filler

first one leaked, and was replaced, second one works much better

Max S.
A bit a a learning curve

It sometimes spits wine at you, but I think I can figure it out with more practice. Not having to fight with punts makes it a good purchase

Ray P.
Does not match the photo and makes a mess!

The product I got does not match the photo. There is a small siphon tube at the top of the "adjustment" cap that is apparently for the exit of air. After about three bottles filled, it then gets wine in it, then bubbles and sprays wine everywhere! I had to stop every other bottle to empty this hose and the filler. Then I had to hold the filler above the bottle to allow for the air to escape to avoid it from spraying back out the top. I tried everything I could think of to adjust, but with the same result. The instructions were no help either.
One batch bottled and I probably lost 1/2 to 3.4 of a bottle of wine in spray everywhere, not to mention the mess to clean up!
I'm sticking the the old fashioned filler tube that has performed flawlessly for almost 10 years. A bit more work, but a lot less mess and quicker overall.