Omega Yeast OYL-021 - Hefeweizen Ale

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Omega Yeast OYL-021 - Hefeweizen Ale




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The most popular German wheat beer strain used worldwide. Produces an authentic balance of banana esters and clove phenolics that can be manipulated by the brewer, depending on various conditions e.g., increased ester production through increasing the fermentation temperature, increasing the wort density, and decreasing the pitch rate or over pitching to reduce or nearly eliminate banana character. Decreasing the ester level will allow higher clove character to come through. Sulfur is commonly produced, but will dissipate with conditioning. This strain is very powdery and will remain in suspension for an extended amount of time following attenuation. This is true top cropping yeast and requires fermenter headspace of 33% or more.

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Matthew H.
Love Omega yeast, but don't order it from Midwest Supplies

Omega yeasts are great...if I ever get it. Took them 3 business days to ship and OVERNIGHT order. Then they sent me the wrong order. No yeast, just someone else's malt extract and soda extract. Also, don't order from Northern Brewer. It is the same company. I'll never order from either again.

Phil W.
Great Yeast

I have been using this yeast with my Hefeweizen recipe for a few years. Results are always great.

Gordon P.
Funky to improving

I brewed a batch of Dunkelweizen with this yeast. A vigorous fermentation started quickly and by morning I had a wonderful fermentation blowout going on. Good fast acting yeast! Because it is a wheat beer I kegged it young and after several days of chilled, forced carbonation I started serving it. There was still quite a lot of diacetyl smell and taste. However, now after several weeks in the kegerator, with only occasional pours the taste is improving greatly. The banana clove taste comes through mostly when the beer has warmed in the glass for awhile, and there is no head left.

charles m.
Brings back good memories

I spent 3 years in the Army in southern Bavaria...i loved the wheat beir ....when i poured that first bottle and sipped it.....OMG....lots of great times remembered.....i love this

Keith O.

Omega Yeast OYL021 - Hefeweizen Ale