Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

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Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

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Make wine at home!

Great things come in small packages. Without experience or anything but a passion for wine, you can make your own top notch, cellar-worthy wine in your kitchen. Master Vintner® combines essential equipment that’s easy to use with expert instruction that’s easy to follow. 

Great wine takes a matter of minutes to make, and then only the patience to let it ferment and mature into perfection. Prep a Cabernet for fermentation while you make dinner, or a Pinot Noir in the minutes before you head for work in the morning. We've broken down the process for complex, beautiful wines into simple steps that ensure success—with a minimal investment of precious time.

Our premium Recipe Kits are made from grapes picked at their prime by expert vintners in world-class vineyards. With this unsurpassed quality, you absolutely cannot make better homemade wine anywhere else. With small batch sizes you’ll get five bottles per recipe, making it easy to mix and match favorite styles. Craft a full tasting menu in just four months with each batch of wine finishing in a quick four weeks. Serve your favorite meals alongside an artisanal bottle of Chardonnay or Merlot that you made in your own kitchen.

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Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions

7814 - Merlot
42734 - Moscato
42735 - Pinot Grigio
7815 - Chardonnay
7811 - Cabernet Sauvignon

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Your choice of recipe kit: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Moscato, or Pinot Grigio
  • World-class instructions
  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler™ Glass Primary Fermentor, Stopper, Airlock & FermagraF°
  • 1 Gallon Glass Jug Secondary Fermentor, Cap, Airlock & FermagraF°
  • Herculometer™, Test Jar & Thief
  • Mini Auto-Siphon (color may vary) & Tubing
  • 18" Plastic Paddle
  • Corker & Corks
  • Bottle Filler & Tubing
  • Oxygen Wash Cleanser & Sodium Metabisulfite Sanitizer

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Darren B.

Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

Jessica V.

Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

Karma T.
Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

I'm a TOTAL newbie! But this kit made wine making easy.

Inspect all materials

Just started our batch of wine. Relatively easy to follow instructions and everything was included in the kit, however as soon as we put the water and juice in the wide mouth fermenter the we noticed it leaking from a crack in the glass along the side of the jar. A bit messy. We salvaged what we could and put into an alternate container. Not sure if we will have a successful first try at it.


great starter kit for beginners