Fermonster 3 Gallon Fermenter

  • Fermonster 3 Gallon Fermenter

Fermonster 3 Gallon Fermenter

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Perfect for 2-3 gallon batches of beer, wine, cider, and mead! The FerMonster™ 3 Gallon Fermenter provides advantages over narrow mouth carboys. The 4" wide mouth makes the fermenter easy to clean, dry hop or infuse. Made from P.E.T plastic, the ribless design ensures that yeast and sediment fall to the bottom after fermentation. The lid o-ring makes the vessel air-tight to keep out oxygen and reassure that your airlock will bubble away without any unwanted seal leaks. 

Siphonless version also available making transfers super easy. Siphonless works great for large batches of kombucha!

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NOT Completely Happy!

Loved the bottles...HATED the fact that they came with a spigot cutout mark that was NOT shown on the product sell page. Midwest Supplies can ask their customer service "person" for the remainder of the ordeal as I got burned out on the whole situation very early on. I do not recommend the company...they don't picture the right product...are unfamiliar with what they are sending out...then wanted a picture of what I'd received and indicated that they don't open up boxes before shipping,,,as if to say..."How were we supposed to know?" Duh-oh. Still they they should know what they are selling and NOT inconvenience me in the process. Do not recommend. Will not buy again.

Good for splitting batch for experimentation

I bought two of these, both to allow me to ferment small batches without too much head space, and to allow splitting a batch to experiment with variations on the recipe (e.g. they are currently filled with an IPA with two different yeast strains).

These are well-made. The plastic is thin, but no so much that it is difficult to move around when full. No harness is necessary - they are not that heavy when full. I drilled an add'l hole in one of the lids so I could insert a thermometer as well as an airlock.

another thank you

the Fermonster 3 gallon fermenter was used to make a Cherry melomel; it turned out great; and was easy to clean after the batch was completed.


Fermonster 3 Gallon Fermenter