Siphonless Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermentor

  • Siphonless Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermentor with spigot

Siphonless Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermentor

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Eliminate the need for siphoning with our new small batch glass fermenter! Attach your bottle filler to the spigot and bottle directly off the fermenter. The punted base allows the trub to settle out to keep your finished beer clear.

With over 1.4 gallons of usable volume the Siphonless Little Big Mouth Bubbler® fermenter provides nearly a half gallon of extra headspace for those vigorous homebrew fermentations.

Pair that with cleanliness of glass, a wide mouth, and smooth walls for easy cleaning and you get the perfect small batch fermenter!

Includes Drilled Stopper. Just add an airlock for a complete fermenter kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael B.
Little big mouth bubbler

I have used them several times. Gallon and a half is very convenient. Works great and I would recommend. I had no problem with the spigot.

Kenny Y.
Nice size.

It takes a little adjustment as the spigot and washers need to be adjusted just right. Fit it up and fill it partway with water so you can check for leaks and flow. Try to do this over a sink...learned the hard way.

Judd S.
Great for kombucha

Perfect for kombucha. Works great.

The leaking is a real problem

I ordered 3 of these. I've had a problem with all 3 leaking from the seal around the spigot at the bottom. If you tighten it too tight, it leaks. If you don't tighten it enough, it leaks. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium. In one instance about a cup of it leaked all over my fridge, but in most cases it only leaks enough to stain whatever surface I have it sitting on. Even with the leaking, they do their job.. I just make sure to sit them in a disposable aluminum cake pan so they don't ruin the surface of wherever I sit them.

D S.G.
Love Them!

I really love these things for primary and secondary fermentation. Love the tap on the front. Doesn't agitate the lees while racking.