Floor Corking Machine

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Floor Corking Machine

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Cork your delicious bottles of wine with the sturdy appeal of this Floor Corking Machine. Corks are sure to have an airtight seal using the easy-to-lower corking arm with adjustable plunger depth.

The plastic iris cork compressor offers hassle-free fast corking to finish off your latest vino masterpiece.

Additional Information

SKU 7715
  • Sturdy metal construction with a plastic hand grip
  • Drill holes in feet allow the corker to bolted to the floor for more leverage
  • Bottle platform locks into place when corking arm is lowered
  • Adjustable plunger depth
  • Plastic iris cork compressor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Eddie H.
Can't bottle without it

What a breeze...used it to bottle my wine the other day (32 bottles) and it was a breeze..worth every penny

Ryan A.
Great machine

This corker is easy, and efficient. We set it up on the counter and it made corking bottles a breeze. We did a batch of about 30 with no trouble and little effort.

Sure beats the hand-held type!!

This corker exceeds all my expectations!

Mark A.A.
Great Corker

Love this floor corker. It does a great job and such a time saver. Well made with a nice powder coat finish. I actually prefer this one over the Italian Floor Corker which is more expensive and not as durable. Easy to use with minimal effort. A must for the frequent high volume wine maker.

Jessi B.
Super easy to use! You need this!

If you’re on the fence whether or not to buy this floor corker, do yourself a favor and buy it! This made bottling so easy, fast, and fun for us. We actually can’t wait to bottle the next batch because of this corker. It was worth every penny in my opinion. This unit is sturdy and built to last. We didn’t have any issues when bottling and you don’t even need Hulk muscles to use it. If you use a hand corker, you’re definitely missing out. Order it now and thank yourself later, seriously!