Acid Carboy Cap- 6.5 Gallon Acid Carboys

  • Acid carboy cap for 6.5-gallon acid carboys

Acid Carboy Cap- 6.5 Gallon Acid Carboys

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To use the Carboy Cap: Push a racking cane through the center tube, place on the top of your carboy, blow into the other tube, and a siphon is easily started. May also be used for blow-off when fermenting. Attach a length of 3/8" ID tubing to the hood, and run the tubing into a bucket of water. When used this way, the carboy cap takes the place of an airlock.

Note:The Acid Carboy Cap for use on older style 6.5 gallon acid carboys with the threaded tops. 

This Cap is too small for our current 6.5 Gallon Carboy (U7007) with a standard neck. See our Standard Carboy Cap for that carboy.

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SKU 7020

Customer Reviews

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they fit good an easy on off

Does not fit

Useless. Does not fit either of my 6.5 gallon carboys.

So glad I got this

I was using a rubber stopper that always wanted to pop out. Most times I needed to do a heavy tape job around the stopper to keep it in. Big hassle anytime I wanted to check gravity. This cap fits perfectly snug...seems to be airtight as my blowoff tube bubbles like it always did. I don't recall the size, but I had some tubing laying around that fits around the smaller cap stem for very easy blowoff tube setup. Best $4 I ever spent.

works alright

I wanted to use this for blow off tubing. It isn't an ideal fit, but it works. Like one reviewer said, it is rough on the inside. I hope this doesn't help harbor bacteria or yeast. Sanitize well. It is pretty cheap.

It is what it is

I have 2 of these for both of my 6.5 gal. carboys. Fits snuggly and is actually a little difficult to get off. I run a 1/2" SS thermowell down the middle and a length of 3/8" silicone tubing off the side as a blow off/airlock. Works perfectly.