Fresh Harvest® Fresh Batches Bundle

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  • Fresh Harvest® Fresh Batches Bundle

Fresh Harvest® Fresh Batches Bundle

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This add-on kit needs to be used in conjunction with a 6 gallon winemaking kit. It is not intended to be used without the 6 gallon winemaking kit.
Try something new this harvest! Take a break from kit winemaking and use the fresh fruit straight from your garden or the farmer’s market to make one-of-a-kind blends exploding with seasonal flavor! Use your existing Master Vintner® Starter Kit with these additives that will balance rich, ripe fruits into deep, complex wine, such as grape or plum wine.

Kit Includes
  • Montrachet Dry Yeast (x3)
  • Stopper, Airlock & Straining Bag
  • Pectic Enzyme, Acid Blend, Wine Tannin, Yeast Nutrient and Stabilizer
  • Campden Tablets
Wine kits are product bundles designed to complement our Wine Making Equipment Kits.

This add-on kit is NOT intended to be used without a 6 gallon winemaking kit. Other items needed to make 6 gallons of wine: 6 gallon wine equipment kit, fruit, corks, and bottles. An additional 5 gallon carboy is recommended, but not necessary. No substitutions allowed.

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SKU 8214

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and had everything I needed in the kit

Easy way to start making fruit wine

I already had the equipment, I just needed these extras. It was enough to get me over the hump. I made a plum wine that was good. The book has some good recipes too.

An inexpensive way to try something new

Fruit wine making is fun but until trying it I didn't want to buy a lot of stuff I might not use again. This kit was good because it had what I needed , for a reasonable price. It's a small investment and even if you don't continue making fruit wine, its fun to try it once.

A good kit to start out with

It's not a stand alone kit, you still need all the carboys or bottles or buckets. It has all the acids and chemicals you need to get started. The book that comes with it is good and I've made 6 of the recipes from it, 5 of which I liked.

Fruit wine makers chemistry set

Its got a good selection of all the specialized tanins/enzymes/chemicals you need for fruit wine making. Its well priced and complete. I used the kit to make a Cherry wine that I liked. I just started a Kiwi wine last month. Just get the base concentrate and you can make anything.