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Gnome Soda Extracts, Draft Style Root Beer

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Gnome Soda Extracts, Draft Style Root Beer

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Gnome Soda Extracts are by far the highest quality, best tasting extracts we have found. The root beer is creamy and rich, and the vanilla cream is just like the cream soda you used to get at the old soda fountain! Each pouch contains enough extract to make 5 gallons of soda. You also need champagne yeast, PET bottles, and sugar to make these extracts.
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Great full flavor
Friends and older family members tell me that they haven't had this style in 40+ years. Old fashion, full bodied taste, will take you back.
January 12, 2010
Great taste
The taste is the best I've tried for root beer mixes. I use a whole packet to make 5 gallons at a time. My friends agree the taste is among the best they have ever had._x000D_You have to add your own sweetener, but this gives you control over how sweet it will be. It also is cheaper to buy the sugar or honey locally than to buy a gallon of syrup - not to mention you get a better drink with honey and sugar instead of corn syrups. _x000D_Or you could go with a low calorie sweetener and make diet root beer (ewww).
March 3, 2010
Very well pleased
Made 2 x 6 gallon batches (to match my 24x 16.9 oz pet bottles) used 1/2 of the extract, 1/3 ec-1118 and 6 cups sugar in each and both batches were excellent. I have never given a bottle to anyone that has not been overwhelmingly enjoyed. Several co-workers now bug me on a regular basis to find out when my next batch will be ready!
April 21, 2011
My kids love it
Made this Root Beer with 5 Cups white sugar, 3 cups light brown sugar, 3/4 cup maltodextrin (for body), and 1 pkg Gnome extract (for a 5 gallon batch). Kegged and force carbonated. Turned out great. If you are expecting 1919 flavor you will be a little disappointed, but it is still good in my opinion.
May 13, 2011
Root Beer Scientist!!
I am a self proclaimed 'Mad Scientist' and as root beer is my favorite drink, I decided to put away my zombie viruses and focus on my 'root'. Gnome has the most authentic root beer flavor. First, let it be known: Your government in your best interest I am sure, banned the sale of actual sassafras as 'Safrole' is a 'carcinogen' ( Although... it ranks 'Very Low Risk' same as chlorinated water and indoor air.) I am -sure- it has nothing to do with the psychoactive potential of safrole, and that it is used in the manufacture of MDMA (Ecstacy) But I digress... It is hard to get real root beer flavor without sassafras but gnome has done it. Other brands are too 'wintergreen' or other herbs used in the process. You will be pleased. Okay, TIPS: I use dark, light brown sugar instead of cane. I also use 1 1/2 times the required extract. I like exceptional- However, you can follow the directions and still do as well as anything you can buy.
November 30, 2012
Very Good root beer
Make sure you dont use white granulated sugar._x000D_Use raw sugar._x000D_Very good taste, one of the best soda kits I've ever made.
December 21, 2012
I tried this kit on a whim. Easy to make compared to beer. It came out much better than I expected. I used the full packet, plus some brown sugar.
December 26, 2012
Great project to do with the family
I picked this up with the intention of making root beer for my kids. We made a full 5-gallon version of this with five pounds of light brown sugar (will probably go with less next time) and kegged our results. I force-carbed the keg at 35 psi and 38 degrees over night and it turned out great. I serve it around 8 psi and it comes out just right. I say we made this for the kids, but daddy stands in line for this one too.
February 13, 2013
off taste
Got an off taste from this one, was good but something wasn't quite right. A little weak so might try it again with only 4 gallons. Would still suggest even though the flavor is a little off
February 16, 2013
Easy to make, came out well
The family enjoyed making this with me. The root beer came out surprisingly well. Good taste and carbonated in the bottles without a problem.
February 24, 2013
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if you keg and force carbonate is there still a yeast addition?
B A on May 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, if kegging and force-carbonating the Root Beer, you eliminate the need for the yeast. This is really the best way to make this beverage, as it gives more control over the carbonation. -Mike W, Midwest Supplies
How do you make cream soda from the root beer extract?
K A on Jan 1, 2016

Thank you for choosing Midwest Supplies! You cannot make cream soda from the root beer extract. True cream soda is simply a mixture of sugar and vanilla extract. Here is a run through on how to make cream soda. I hope that this is helpful!
My son is allergic to corn and corn-based products. Does this extract have corn syrup or an ingredient ending in 'ose' ?
Michael A on Nov 22, 2016

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