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Beginner's Guide

Information to help you get started in Homebrewing

Thinking about getting started in homebrewing? Considering buying a homebrewing equipment kit as a gift? The following information may help you make your decision.

There are 4 different products needed to brew beer at home.

Equipment Kits

The most important part of getting started in Homebrewing is choosing an Equipment Kit. All of Midwest’s Beer Brewing Kits will provide the components needed to brew 5-gallon batches of beer. Read each of the descriptions to determine which equipment kit is right for you.

Beer. Simply Beer. Brewing Starter Kit:

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t!

There’s no better time to start than now. The Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit has everything you need to make great homebrewed beer including our five star reviewed Pale Ale recipe Kit. Easy to use equipment and simplified brewing process and instructions makes the Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit ideal for any newcomer to home brewing. So, why not start today?

Brew Share Enjoy™ Starter Kit

Designed by Brewmasters, Recommended by Homebrewers Everywhere! This kit comes with absolutely everything you need to brew as soon as you open the box, plus your choice between two massively popular recipe kits: Chinook IPA or Block Party Amber Ale

Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit

Tried, Tested, and Loved for over 20 years! Over the last 2 decades, countless rounds of customer feedback + resulting upgrades have made this kit the Ol’ Reliable of homebrewing. Find out why new homebrewers are referred back to it again and again.

Premium Craft Brewery in a Box - Beer Making Starter Kit

Beginner brewers looking to advance their skills usually upgrade their wort chiller, kettle or fermenters first. Don’t bother with the hassle of purchasing equipment piece by piece -- gather all the gear you need to level up your beer with our Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Homebrew Starter Kit. We guarantee savings of over $120.

Click here to browse all of our Beer Making Kits

Beer Recipe Kits

Midwest offers a large selection of 5 gallon recipe kits. The Starter kits above are designed to work with any of our Extract Recipe Kits. For first time brewers we recommend brewing an ale recipe kit. Ales ferment at room temperature and are ready to drink faster than lagers. ****9 out of 10 gift givers will include a recipe kit with their gift****

Note: Our All-Grain Recipe Kits require additional equipment and advanced brewing techniques. If you are a first time brewer, be sure to choose an Extract Recipe Kits to go with your Brewing Starter Kit.

Brewing Kettle

The brewing process requires the brewer to mix and boil the ingredients from our recipe kits in a stock pot. Many brewers might already have a stock pot in their kitchen that might work for this process. The pot must be at least 3 gallons in size. Stainless steel, Enamel, and Silverstone coated pots will work fine. We do not recommend using aluminum pots. They can oxidize the beer. Midwest offers a 4 and 5 gallon stainless steel brew kettles for homebrewing. Our high quality pots have riveted handles and can be used for other things like boiling pasta or crab legs.

***Including a new shiny stainless steel brewing kettle will complement any gift equipment package from Midwest. ***

Beer Bottles

Five gallons of beer will require 52-56 twelve ounce beer bottles. Roughly two cases of 24 and a six pack. Many homebrewers will collect empty 12 ounce beer bottles as they drink them, rinse them out and use them for their homebrew. IMPORTANT: the bottles can not be screw off bottles. They must be the pry off pop top bottles. If all of that seems like too much work. Buy two cases of bottles when getting started with Homebrewing.

Other homebrewing accessories that complement an equipment kit include:

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