5000 ML Flask

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  • 5000 millimeter flask

5000 ML Flask

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The biggest size we carry! Use the 5000 ML flask for very large batches of beer. The correct sized stopper is available in the related products section on the left. This flask will take a medium universal stopper or a 46-60mm foam stopper.

Do not heat on stove-top electric burners - use gas burners only.

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SKU 40294

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These work well for me

I noticed that some of these reviews were several years old. I bought 2 of these a couple of months ago (Feb 2015) when I upgraded my system to 15 gal. I like to brew lagers so I need big starters. I have made 3 starters in each of these with a glass top stove. I have no problems boiling, moving straight to cooling water, and using my stir plates with these. I would recommend these to anyone that needs large starters and has a glass top stove.

lager starters

For lagers I need extra large starters. The flask is big enough to hold 4 liters and still have some head space to avoid a boil over. It fits on my Vortex stirplate, and meets my expectations.

This is one big flask

It's just what I need for making very large starters for lagers or 10 gallon batches._x000D_I boil on a gas stove, then set it on a mat to cool for a spell, then place it in a sink of water to chill._x000D_I place it off center on my stir plate so the center isn't a problem.

Good size for lagers m but not well designed

The bottom has a bump so the stir bar will get thrown if centered. Its also not as thick as I'd like and it can break if you're not careful.

Giant flask

I need to make a lot of yeast for a 10 gallon lager and this flask is the only thing big enough. I boiled 5 liters of water in a pot, let it cool down in the sink, then poured it into the flask and added the stir bar and set it on the stir plate at high speed. I let it go for 1 week, then refrigerated it and decanted off 4 liters of spent wort, and pitched the last liter. I'd have preferred to prepare the starter inside the flask, but I was concerned it would crack on my gas stove.