Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler w/ Accessory Kit

  • Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler w/ Accessory Kit
Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler w/ Accessory Kit Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler Version 2 with Accessory Kit Handle Tip

Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler w/ Accessory Kit

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The BeerGun® is an innovative stainless bottle filler that is less complex than a traditional counter-pressure filler. One-handed operation—just pull the trigger! Easily fill a growler of your kegged beer for a party or fill perfectly carbonated bottles for competition. The BeerGun® purges a bottle with CO2 gas from a draft system and then transfers carbonated beer from a keg into the purged bottle with minimal foaming, preserving a high level of the beer's carbonation. It is extremely simple to clean and set up. Everything that touches the beer is stainless steel, and includes 10 feet of 3/16" ID hose and a cleaning brush. Also needed but not included is a tee or wye adapter to split the gas line between the keg and the CO2 supply. We recommend a wye adapter (#K035) and a 1/4" MFL shutoff valve (#K038) added to your regulator. Or upgrade your kegerator/keezer with a gas distribution manifold. Always have an extra CO2 port on hand! Includes:
  • Accessory Kit now included as standard item
  • Warm-touch grip with ambidextrous thumb actuated CO2 valve
  • Positively retained beer seal tip - no more lost tips!
  • Anti-microbial beer hose keeps contamination at bay!
  • Includes a plastic tool case
  • Tool free super fast disassembly
  • Includes Ball Lock Disconnect -1/4" MFL Liquid
Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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SKU K561

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Is great for beer competition

Bottling from Kegs can’t get any better

I just bottled today for 2nd time on some Stouts I don’t want in kegs. Worked awesome and I actually capped immediately after each bottle to keep all C02 I could. Come to within 1” of top with very little waste.

Love the C02 release to clear the bottle before filling.