Blichmann BrewCommander™

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The Blichmann BrewCommander The plugs and attachments for the Blichmann BrewCommander Interior-shot of the spigot and false bottom of the Blichmann BrewCommander Blichmann BrewCommander spout BrewCommander Gas Brewhouse Controller

Blichmann BrewCommander™

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Product Details

The BrewCommander™ is the complete brewhouse controller!


The patent-pending BrewCommander™ is a unique, innovative, high-quality brewhouse controller with ultra-high accuracy and precision with the ultimate in flexibility. Whether system-integrated or freestanding, the BrewCommander™ offers automated step mashing, boil timers and amazing advanced settings. Whatever your heating source or brewing setup, the BrewCommander™ offers precision temperature control with increased accuracy and repeatability.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface.
  • Keypad Data Entry.
  • Advanced Temperature Control Algorithm.
  • Automated Step Mashing (up to 5 steps and 9 profiles).
  • Boil Addition Timers (up to 7 additions and 9 profiles).
  • Integral Pump Switch.
  • Lab Grade Precision Thermometer - Superior to RTD's.
  • Customizable Settings - Basic and Advanced.
  • Mash Step Ramp Rate Delay.
  • HERMS / RIMS Offsets.
  • Audible Alarms.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Switchable Between Table and Wall Mounting.
  • Modular - Connect Multiple Units!

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120v - 43011
240v - 43012
Gas    - 43254

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