5 Gal. Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot

  • 5 Gal. Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot

5 Gal. Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot

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Product Details

Boil your batch without breaking the bank. This economical 5-gallon stainless steel brewing pot works well for extract brewing and is an affordable option for brewers just getting started with their hobby.

Size allows you to add more water to your boil and still have room to catch messy boil overs before they happen.

  • Lid Thickness (inches): 0.018
  • Wall Thickness (inches): 0.020
  • Base Thickness (inches): 0.020
  • Cladded Bottom: None
  • Surface Finish: Polished Stainless
  • Inside Dimensions (inches): 11.69"ID x 10.88"Ht
  • Volume (cu-inches): 1,166
  • Volume (Gallons): 5.1
  • Volume (Quarts): 20.2

Additional Information

SKU 7300

Please Note: The bottom of the kettle has a slight ridge, which can make it less than ideal for an electric stove.

This kettle is not available for the hole drill service.

Customer Reviews

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Clayton L.
Mehhhh it’s a cheap pot

Thin... and the rivits leak on the handles. Don’t fill it past handles and your good. Also don’t hold/lift by the handles because those things feel like they will pop off when holding 4+gallons of weight.

daniel s.
Worked for what I was looking for.

It could not have been better, drilled a bunch of 1/16 holes in the bottom, it fits in the brew pot and the handles stop it from falling in, so is a good mash tune.

Richard H.
Great pot for the price

Great pot for the price. It does everything I need from a pot

David B.

Works great, have used it for two batches so far. I have to move it around on the glass stove top to keep my boil going, perhaps poor surface contact. Will probably work better on a gas stove.

Mark M.
Would not even use as a canning pot

I would like to say “you get what you pay for” as a way of justifying this but given that I went to Home Goods and found a similar priced 5 gal stock pot with a small side dent that was 5 ply induction ready bottom with a glass top and heat proof padded handles I just can’t. This thing is so cheaply made that you will get burn marks on the bottom. It is induction “capable” but I’d hardly say ready. It’s such a poor conductor of heat that you pretty much have to have the lid on to keep the temp up. Do yourself a favor. If you are like me and we’re looking for a boil pot that you could do 5 gal extracts in while taking your time to research, plan and save for your all-grain equipment then hit up a place like home goods or other clearing house or outlet store you might spend 10 to 20 dollars more for a pot that is light years better than this one. I’d bet there is maybe 5 dollars in cost on this thing. Seriously.