Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit - Master Vintner®

  • The Master Vintner® Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit's contents neatly on display
The Master Vintner® Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit's contents neatly on display The Chardonnay recipe kit box alongside a wine glass A Cab Sauv recipe kit box beside a wine glass

Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit - Master Vintner®

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Product Details

Life moves pretty fast, so we worked hard to make Weekday Wine simple. Easy to create using our no-stress wine making starter kit, and ridiculously easy to enjoy any day and any time that goes better with wine.

This kit supplies all the fermenting equipment you need to make wine that’s perfect for pouring, any day of the week. Best of all we include your choice of wine recipe kit. Choose between the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Kit Includes

  • Master Vintner™ 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket x2
  • Drilled Lid for Fermenting Buckets
  • Auto Siphon for Transferring
  • Spring Tip Bottle Filler with Tubing
  • Herculometer™
  • Master Vintner™ Mini Corker and Corks
  • One Step - 8 oz.
  • Sodium Metabisulfite - 50g
  • Weekday Wine Recipe Kit: Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon

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Choose from two classic, oh-so-drinkable styles:

    A big, bold white wine, bursting with fruit flavors and always ready for fun. Keep a bottle well-chilled in the fridge. It’s perfect for takeout (everything from sushi to sliders), all sorts of pasta and guilty pleasures like chips and buttery popcorn.
    This big red with dark fruit flavors stands up to savory and spice, in all kinds of cuisine. Great with pasta with meat sauce (think lasagna!) bratwursts, pizza (hold the anchovies) or any gathering of friends who enjoy a robust red wine.

Life is complex. Weekday Wine is simple.

Customer Reviews

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Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit - Master Vintner®

Good Kit

Easy, straight forward kit with clear instructions. I had no issues making my first batch of wine which came out great!

Cabernet Sauvignon

I love this whole kit aside from the wine corker. Huge pain in the pants. I will be investing in a different one. The wine is phenomenal!!! Thank you Midwest Supplies for coming through for me once again!



The best way to start learning the art of winemaking

Every year our regional group of the American Wine Society holds a conference on wine appreciation and winemaking. While we have many in attendance who make wine, it was a thought that we should get new people to try making wine. There are a lot of folks that would like to try, but are always afraid of the need for a large space and sophisticated equipment to make an enjoyable wine. This kit has everything a new winemaker would ever need. So we purchased three of them and got three new people started in the hobby of home winemaking! It is exciting to see them as they begin to realize that this is something they can really do! So our hats are off to Midwest Supplies for putting together a great kit. We'll be back again for next year's conference to get more people into the fun of home winemaking.