Munich Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

  • Munich Malt Extract Syrup in 3.15 and 6-pound containers
Munich Malt Extract Syrup in 3.15 and 6-pound containers 3.15-pound container of Munich Malt Extract Syrup 6-pound container of Munich Malt Extract Syrup

Munich Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

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Achieve the German malted glory you've always dreamt of! Munich LME is a half-pale ale half-Munich malt that contributes thick body and mouthfeel for an exceptionally heavy brew.

With a fermentability of 75%, this specialty malt extract is made using a traditional multiple step mashing process to achieve higher levels of fermentability. It is a very rich, malty, amber colored extract with wort color contributions at approximately 8° Lovibond.

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Grain Usage

Use alone for styles such as Oktoberfest, Marzen or Bock beers. Use with a blend of extracts or grains to add rich malty character and reddish hues to any beer style.

Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

Customer Reviews

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Karl Z.
Easy to work with and great flavor

I've been brewing beer for decades and have settled mainly on liquid malt extracts for my brewing. The flavor and ease of use make brewing beer a relaxing pleasure. This LME has the Germanic tastes and provides versatility to craft a number of beer varieties.

Eric M.

Munich Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

Gary H.

Grest tasting beer!

Dave S.

All OK

Joseph R.B.
Always fresh - our go-to base for most malty ales

First used the Munich Malt Extract by mistake - we were brewing a honey wheat ale but bought the wrong extract at Northern Brewer in Milwaukee. We decided to go ahead with the exact recipe that calls for wheat extract using the Munich Malt Extract. My wife calls it her favorite beer and since then we've used it as a base for many experiments, not the least of which is a maple syrup version of honey wheat using Munich Malt. We're happy to have this extract on-hand just in case of a rainy day where brewing lifts our spirits.