Northy 12 Belgian Quad Beer Recipe Kit

  • Northy 12 Belgian Quad Beer in a goblet

Northy 12 Belgian Quad Beer Recipe Kit

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Its smooth, medium-heavy body encompasses elaborate flavors of raisin, fig, moderate sweet caramel and dark stone fruits all expertly complimented by classic, time-honored Belgian yeast character. Northy 12's striking deep mahogany complexion and creamy, frothy foam cap are truly a beauty to behold. Be sure to exercise patience with this beer - months of aging will help achieve true beer enlightenment.

Brewing Notes:

  • Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  • Fermentation Range: 65 - 75F
  • OG: 1.090
  • SRM: 28
  • IBUs: 40
  • ABV: 9.6%

Tasting Notes:

  • Complex layers of flavor
  • Medium-heavy body
  • Classic Belgian yeast character
  • Slightly sweet flavor
  • Semi-dry, lingering finish

If you enjoyed Midwesty 12 Belgian Quad, you'll love this kit!


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Additional Information

SKU B10990
Beer Color Dark
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 4 months
Regional Style Belgian
Alcohol Content High
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Trappist/Belgian Ale
Fermentation Type Ale
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
It became my favorite Midwest beer

Having lived a mile from the Belgian border I was missing a good quad. This one hits the spot. I finish it off with about 2lbs of additional honey at the end of boil and it clocks in at almost 10% ABV. Woohoo! Best thing is, because my wife does not like such strong beers it's all mine. Just don't drive afterwards :-)

I give it three weeks in primary and about two months in secondary. Typically I use harvested yeast and we also make a tasty bread from the trub. Baked with wood fire, of course.

Paul C.
still waiting

I just bottled this after a 4 month wait. I sampled just a taste from the bottom of the carboy and I have to say it has an amazing flavor even at this stage. I was a little worried having read several other reviews of people not having their batch carbonate. I had a partial bottle and figured what would it hurt to open it at a week in to see if it was carbonating and was greeted with a nice hiss when I popped the top. should be ready to sample the first bottle on Christmas day

Michael R.
Dark, strong and sweet

I had Belgian Tripels on a few trips to Belgium so i wanted to try making a homebrew. I never heard of a Belgian Quad but it is a beer style. I am pleased with this brew. My was 8.1%ABV, it carbonated nicely, and has a warm alcohol feel but not overwhelming. I am ordering it again.

Kevin F.
Belgian Quad

It gets better with age, had a 3 year old bottle recently, really good! Kevin F

Don T.
My favorite beer!

I made this a while ago and I have to say it is fantastic! I tried to let it age but somehow I kept ending up with a few bottles in my refridgerator here and a few there. I did have some that made it to the 10 month mark. This beer gets better and better as it ages. I just ordered the kit to make it again. This time, I hope to start drinking it at ten months and see how it goes from there. I highly recommend this beer. It is outstanding!