Oktoberfest All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

  • Oktoberfest homebrew in a drinking glass with a customer caution in red text: "Advanced, additional equipment needed" to brew this recipe kit
Oktoberfest homebrew in a drinking glass with a customer caution in red text: Oktoberfest homebrew in a glass

Oktoberfest All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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This famous German style is stronger than an everyday lager and is the fuel for Oktoberfest celebrations all over the world. The original pre-industrial Oktoberfest was called Maerzenbier, brewed at the end of the brewing season in the spring to be lagered in caves all summer for fall and harvest festivities. Our kit will give you a full-bodied and elegant red-amber beer with a subdued German noble hop bitterness and complex malty profile that's great all year round.

If you enjoyed Oktoberfest Lager, you'll love this kit!

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Additional Information

SKU 1354
Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Regional Style German/Czech/Continental
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Dark/Amber Lager
Fermentation Type Lager
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Customer Reviews

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Joe G.
Solid Oktoberfest Recipe

I brewed this some time ago and it’s a very good lager. Original gravity was a tad high at 1.073 but my system can go up to 85% efficiency sometimes. Used the Wyeast option with a 2 liter starter and fermented at 54° F and a diacetyl rest at 64°. Finished out at 1.020 for a 7.1% abv Oktoberfest!

Max T.
Nice brew

This came out really nice. Dark, nutty, Not too heavy. A nice autumn bier.



Mark S.
Compares Favorably

After a few months of lagering and then a few weeks in a keg I shared this beer with friends celebrating Oktoberfest. Everyone who's tried it has said how true the taste is to the traditional. If you have the time and the space available to wait a few months on this one you will be glad you did. This will definitely be an annual for me.

Corey N.
Still Brewing

Brewed this only 3 weeks ago so its in the refrigerator. Got the temp controler set to 48 degrees. Had it in the primary for a week and a half and has been in the secondary since. I will let if ferment for another couple weeks before I filter and keg it. Then I usually like to let it set to age and carbonate for a couple weeks. It has great color and aroma already, can't wait to taste it in October!!