Omega Yeast OYL-044 - Kolsch II

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Omega Yeast OYL-044 - Kolsch II




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An appropriate yeast for light beers such as kolsch, alt, blond and honey. Accentuates hop flavors. The slight sulfur produced during fermentation will disappear with age and leave a clean, lager-like ale. An ideal choice for those who would like to brew a lager-like beer, but do not have the temperature control equipment to brew a true lager.

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Ben L.
Kolsch and Maibock

When I got my package of three varieties of Kolsch yeast, this one was slightly activated. I put it into the fridge anyway and you can see it in the bubbler on the left (that's a Maibock using Wyeast 1007 German Ale on the right in 2nd ferm). So it's fermenting just great, this is the 4th day in the fermentor. I can only give it 4 stars for now as I won't be able to taste the brew for a month. The price is a little more but hey, my brew is worth it! I'm happy with Omega Kolsch II so far!

James F.
Amazing Yeast! Now my go to Kolsch strain.

In the past I have used other Liquid Kolsch yeast. Kolsch I attenuates fine but it takes time to clear, and you have to hold temp in the mid to low 50's. I have since moved on to Kolsch II. I know there is a 24-48hr lag before the yeast get going. But when they do they go into turbo mode. I've fermented with this yeast in the 60's as well as 70 degrees. This yeast produces a very clear beer. I've used his yeast in an Altbier and an American Pale Ale for competitions. Good stuff!

Slow to start

I would have prefered using the other liquid yeast Wyeast or White Labs. Not very happy having the wait of two days before seeing bubbles in my airlock. Regardless the other liquid or dry yeast I have used have all started fermentation within hours of pitching and lasted 3-4 days or longer. Not the case with Omega. I am in the temperature range for the yeast. I was in the correct range when pitched.
I will be hard pressed to buy this again. I am brewing an Oktoberfest ale which will be ready to drink end of August. Of course yeast has an effect on taste and clarity so I will know more about those in August.