Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

  • Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup in 1.5, 3.15, and 6-pound containers
Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup in 1.5, 3.15, and 6-pound containers Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup in a 1.5-pound container 3.15-pound container of Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup in a 6-pound container

Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

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A great starting point for a wide array of brews, Pilsen Malt Syrup is a best-seller and go-to fermentable. Performing especially well in lagers and light beers, Pilsen LME produces a very crisp, clean, pale-colored wort with malty flavor essential for building a complex character without adding color.

Made up of 99% Pilsen Malte and 1% Carapils Malt with a fermentability of 80%. Pleasantly light-bodied with predictable gravity, our Pilsen LME is poured to order for the freshest malt extract in the industry. Creates wort color typically 1.0 °L to 3.5 ° Lovibond with a usage rate of 6 lbs. per 5 gallons

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Grain Usage

All styles of extract beer, and to adjust the color, flavor and gravity of all grain beers

Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

Customer Reviews

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Craig M.Z.

Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup - Briess

Ross W.
Colorless, with full flavor

For the friends who "don't like dark beers", I made an extra pale ale with Pilsen LME and a pilsen/pale grain steep. The color of a flavorless "light" beer with actual flavor.

Clifford M.

Just what I needed

Herman T.
Dark Pilsen??

When I ordered two Pilsen (LME 6lb) bottles, I was ready to brew a lighter summer ale. I had one Pilsen on hand from Midwest, but when I got my order, something looked off and I took a photo of the new Pilsen and the one on hand together and the colors of the two were very different - one is quite a bit darker than the other. They may be from different lots, but the color shouldn't vary that much, I would think. I'd show you, but there's not an option to include a photo (it says you can, but there was nothing to click on).

Victor M.

Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup - Briess